Candiria - 300 Percent Density CD


'300 Percent Density' is truly a full-length, with over 60 minutes of music, a veritable rarity these days. This whole record has a mood of teetering on the brink of coherence and chaos, and just when you think a song is getting away from them, Candiria instantly pulls things together with a tight-as-hell breakdown or groove. Yes, there a few tracks on here that don't really seem to go anywhere, such as "Advancing Positions" and "Opposing Meter" (which is basically just sound effects). But on the other hand, this record contains what are, in my opinion, the two greatest songs Candiria has ever put out, "300 Percent Density" (with its ever-changing tempos and killer breakdowns) and "Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest" (with a nice jazz introduction and a strange middle section, consisting of a plodding Primus type groove with middle eastern guitar). Quite simply, when these guys are at the top of their game, nobody can touch them.

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  • Manufactured by: Century Media

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