Axe Ripper - Welcome To Detroit Destruction CD


"In many respects Axe Ripper’s sound is 80’s metal. As in early speed metal. The speedy and melodic delivery of the vocalist of Kyle Whitefoot reminds me of the youthful approach of James Hetfield back when he tried to go NWOBHM on tracks like “Motorbreath”. It does goes over a few other lines. There are leftovers of groove metal on “Detroit Destruction” though minimized by weak production, and then there are many other conventional metallisms all over; late 80’s speed metal, a soft thrashy vibe pretty much smeared over all the tracks, and a crossover spirit, perhaps latter day D.R.I., as exposed on the mid-tempo vocals and on the shifts between fast and faster tempos also on “Detroit Destruction”. - Deaf Sparrow

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