Ceremony - Violence, Violence 12" (black)


In this day of internet hardcore messageboards and blogs, the word hype gets throw around too often. Bands are made big by MySpace demos and word of mouth on a messageboard. Too often people overlook bands due to spamming of the internet about how cool a band is, or how they are the best new band. Sometimes though, hype isnt hype. Sometimes, its just a good band coming out at the right time to kick hardcore in the ass and get it moving. After a well received demo (1000 printed) and a debut 7" that sold 2,000 copies in less than 1 year, CEREMONY gives us Violence Violence, their 15 song debut full length. If Ruined was their declaration, Violence Violence is their first wave assault, a soundtrack to wage war. A war against everything that hardcore has stood against, but now has been co-opted into its ranks. Theres no TRL song on here, theres nothing thatll be heard at a school dance. Hardcore for the hardcore¦ prisoners will not be taken.

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  • Manufactured by: Malfunction

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