Archagathus / Pizza Hi Five - Split 7" (black)


For the most devoted of underground grindcore followers, a split like this should be a true gem. The Prince of Mince, Archagathus, teaming up with the steadily rising in popul
arity chronic-grinders, Pizza Hi Five. If you're already not turned off by a band called Pizza Hi Five, you're either already a fan of the band, or are a curious reader. In either case, good for you, you get a gold star. First up is Archagathus, and honestly, a review of their side is pretty redundant. If you've heard one Archagathus record, you've pretty much heard them all. Still grinding like all they've ever heard is 90's Agathocles. The recording on here is pretty tidy, actually. Maybe it was recorded during the "Canadian Horse" session? The guitars have this nice, bright crunch to them, and the drums add a lot of punch with every kick drum hit. I'm also hearing some crust influence in some of these songs, particularly in the track, "Surgery Addict", probably my favorite song on there side. The main riff actually is pretty reminiscent of early Swedish death metal too. Nice touch! As usual, the vocals bellow over EVERYTHING. Roars, grunts, squeals, and a nasally high scream that still kind of makes me squirm. It's another solid pack of songs from the band, what more can I say.
But if I had to pick, I'd say the Pizza Hi Five side is where this split really shines. I'm been a fan of these guys since about 2009, and after all these years, they still haven't learned any new tricks. And I really wouldn't have it any other way. Dank and dirty mincegrind played at warp speed. Super thick and soupy recording, with down tuned guitar riffs tumbling over everything, crushing small children, skulls, ripping faces, and all the other usual grind descriptions journalists use. The songs are here are pretty much balls to the wall blasters, no real slow parts to see, and some great stop/starts are used. This band is just so lovely. I really am happy to see them getting more exposure. Expect to see many more splits from these guys in the future. Pick this up!

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  • Manufactured by: To Live A Lie

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