Ass End Offend / The Anti-Difrancos- Split 7" (black/grey swirl)


The Anti Difrancos are super pissed off hard-core/ anarcho-punk rock from Missoula, MT; AEO are 80’s style hard-core punk rock from the ruins of Kalispell, MT. ASS END OFFEND, holy sweet Darby!!! These Montana punks are the fuck child of EL DOPA and early DIE KREUZEN. It's a ugly, gorgeous child. Crazy stupid fresh back and forth, overlapping dual male vox. I'm moving to Missoula. ANTI DIFRANCOS wear masks on stage, which nowadays is a good, maybe dangerous thing. The tone and direction this band are going in will be great. For now, it is a little formulaic. Everything we love about anarchistic punk. Support Montana Anarchy!

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  • Manufactured by: Poisoned Candy

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