WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 12TH, 2014: OUT NOW! Water Torture's unreleased self titled EP. Avail on limited 558 first press (3 colors). Shipping NOW! Get ready, about to launch two new pre-orders also!!!

MONDAY JANUARY 27TH, 2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Welcome to the new website, again. Also finished up the new online store. I have 6 new releases coming out here in the next couple weeks. Should be launching a few pre-orders anyday now. Check in soon. MUCH LOVE!

WEDNESDAY JULY 17TH, 2013: Hello again grinders! The pre orders have launched for the SUFFERING MIND / WATER TORTURE split 7? flexi! Another new banger from two of todayís top grinders meet for one powerful split. First up comes up Suffering Mind (previous splits with Phobia, PLF, Afternoon Gentlemen and more) from Poland delivering some of the most raw and blast driven grind to hit wax. Next comes Buffalo, NYís Water Torture bringing a slightly different flavor, rather than grinding they bring out their sludge and doom side on this record. This record is available on both White and Black! During pre orders iím offering up a deal, either color for $5.00 or $8.50 for both colors! Get this while it lasts, regular prices go in effect when its released! In other news, the DEAD CHURCH / FACTION DISASTER split Masterís finally have been cut after months of delays. This bad boy will be out soon. ALSO i have three more releases planned for the year, they will be brought to light soon! LAST but not least ill be doing some other distro updates in the following days since I have a ton of new items coming in. Stay tuned!

THURSDSAY JULY 11TH, 2013: Hello everyone! Iím pleased to announce another new release is out and available NOW! ARCHAGATHUS / JEFFREY DAHMER Ė SPLIT 7". Canadian Grindcore mincers Archagathus team up with Indonesian anti-political Grind-Punk psychopaths Jeffrey Dahmer for a 7? flurry of raw lo-fi hardcore punk, international grind zaps, resin tainted gore gurgles, and a touch of early 90's Tampa style Death Metal for fun. Super limited release of only 500 copies, snag one before its gone! I guess ill also touch on a few other things. Iím getting the finishing touches for MRR024 and a few other releases in the works. The DEAD CHURCH / FACTION DISASTER is also finally in press and heading toward being available. It will be out on CD & 7?. To help clear some room and get these new releases out Iím also doing a sale currently, from now till Sunday ill have a bundle thatís all Mannequin Rein related. 3 7", 2 CD, 2 CS, 3 Posters, 5 buttons and 2 stickers for $25.00 !!!! You can also add other items to the order and they will ship with it!

THURSDAY JUNE 13TH, 2013: Hello friends! Weíve got a new release out and ready to ship for you! WATER TORTURE / CORRUPT BASTARDS split is out now! After a super limited run out of nowhere on Cassette that sold out in a matter of days comes the vinyl version of the Water Torture and Corrupt Bastards split! This one sided record is raw, noisy and full of everything a power violence and power electronic fan would want! Water Torture comes crashing in with 2 brand new tracks, 1 original and 1 awesome Siege cover! The dual bass and drum power violence trio destroy the mind with low end and feedback! The second half of the record comes from Corrupt Bastards, two piece drum and bass power violence blasting through 5 tracks in a few min with noise interludes and outros! Limited pressing of 499 copies on Purple and Grey swirl! Pre orders have already shipped out, this guys has been going quick! We also have a few more things coming out shortlyÖthe ARCHAGATHUS / JEFFREY DAHMER splits are being shipped to us right now, soon as they come in they ship! ALSO were expecting any day now the test presses for the SUFFERING MIND / WATER TORTURE splits! A cool pre order package is planned for it, keep checking in for updates!

MONDAY MAY 13TH, 2013: Hello again, Iím back at home and have a ton of things to report in. First off, I just got in the re-press of DEVILICA / OPTIMIST (split) and SENDER RECEIVER / THE MUZZLER (split) both on CD formats. They look great, and were doing a special right now on both of these items for $3.95 each now till May 17th! Speaking of specials, here is something cool I figured in addition all cassettes released by MRR will be available on sale for $3.00! AND the Unholy Grave / David Carradine split 6? will be up for $6.66!!! Now onto a few things in the works, I just put up another pre-order package for BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS new cdep. For sure the most diverse band iíve ever released and not at ALL grind or extreme. Plus payments for the SUFFERING MIND / WATER TORTURE split have been sent to the plant, so things are really coming together! Iím also waiting on the test presses for the DEAD CHURCH / FACTION DISASTER split and soon will be sending off to the plant for the new MOTHER BRAIN / IMPLOSIVE DISGORGENCE split!!! Things are really busy here, but its going really solid and iím happy with the progress! Remember, you can still pre-order the WATER TORTURE / CORRUPT BASTARDS split on the store now and have a chance to win a free test press! The covers will be in shortly, then i will ship so act fast! Now onto the distro updates! We have had a TON of new itemís come in and all of them are up on the store ready to go! The list is below, snag something up, help fund some new releases hah! More itemís are added almost daily, so keep checking in to see what weíve got! Thanks again!

WEDNESDAY MAY 1ST, 2013 Hello everyone. Its been a second, but for good reason. Iíve been super busy working on a ton of new things for the label and store. Iím happy to say that I have two brand new releases up for pre order. Lets bust right into it! WATER TORTURE / CORRUPT BASTARDS (SPLIT 7?) Finally, after the cassette version sold out in a matter of days the new comes the re-issue of this killer split on vinyl! Limited to 500 copies on mixed color! This guy is guaranteeíd to go quick. You can pre-order a copy now on the webstore, 3 random people who do will get a free test press and a 11◊17 poster with their order! ARCHAGATHUS / JEFFREY DAHMER (SPLIT 7?) Another long awaited treat, strictly limited to 250 copies comes this awesome mix of grind, mince and raw punk power! Two international split spewing masters. Limited copies avail through me, order as soon as possible or forever miss out on this! Both records should be available around mid or late May. I have a ton of things in the works right now for new releases, payments being made. More stuff to announce. Keep a look out, Iím still doing HUGE distro updates with new items everyday. Will be doing another announcement on that soon! Thanks for the support!

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7TH, 2013Hello! Welcome to the new website for Mannequin Rein. Took us a second, but things are finally up and running and just in time! A ton has been going on in the camp here, the next few months we have a lot of new stuff coming out, lets discuss first what we have out NOW. IMBROGLIO Ė SELF DECLARED HATRED cs this is their swan song album, after years of chaos theyíre done. but this is their final product, and honestly their best album to date! crushing, for fans of gaza, today is the day and neurosis in a blender! SCUM GUILT Ė ENSLAVED cs this shit is fucking killer, awesome fast pace no bullshit grindcore! blast, thrash, dbeat all day! Jimmy use to jam in a ton of bands like Dead Will Rise, The Heartland, Clocal Kiss and even Skeletonwitch! New tape is finally out! SENDER RECEIVER Ė PLAGUE NOTES 7? finally out on wax, released in 07 on September Riot this seeís the light of day! limited to 305 copies, 99 on COLOR (over 10 different to choose from, also color is only avail from MRR/the band) all other stores/distros only will have black copies! Next on the list, we are gearing up for a TON of new releases for this addition ill touch only on one! UNHOLY GRAVE / DAVID CARRADINE Ė SPLIT 6? limited to 300 copies, no trades will be available sadly. I already have limited copies of my half. Ill be getting my copies in next week, $8.00 for this guy odd shaped collectors will dig this, its the first UHG 6? ever! I will be getting a lot more ďmerchĒ too in the store, iím printing up a lot of SHIRTS, PATCHES, BUTTONS for pretty much every band Iíve done releases for or will be. So ill keep that up to date, pics this that whatever. Also, the first and probably only press of the WAX MOTH Ė SPIRACLE cs is down to 10 copies! We only have toxic green left, all the silver are gone! Snag it while you can!

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